FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your nails natural?

Yes. I've never had nail extensions. (Although sometimes I've fixed a single broken nail with a brush-on gel nail kit.)

Are you a professional?

No, nail art is my hobby. I mostly do manicures only for myself, but sometimes also for friends. I do not do manicures for strangers, even if they'd pay.

How do you keep your nails strong and healthy?

- I always use 1-2 layers of protective base coat (Nailtek II). I always have something on my nails, at least a base coat if nothing else. Base coat also prevents my nails from turning yellow.

- I apply cuticle oil almost every night before going to bed.

- I apply light hand lotion several times a day (Vaseline - healthy hand & nail) and a more moisturizing one before going to bed.

- I always wear rubber gloves when I'm cleaning or doing the dishes.

- I shorten my nails with a nail file, I never use clippers or scissors. I finish it off with a glass file.

- If I get a tear on my nail, I fix it by using a tiny piece of paper cut out of a tea bag. I fasten the piece on the nail with nail glue.

How often do you do your nails and how long does it take?

I polish my nails 1-2 times a week. Depending on the design, it can take one hour or two days, or anything in between. :)

Where do you buy your stuff?

I buy my nail polishes mostly from supermarkets, I'm not into expensive brands. I buy nail art supplies in craft stores or order them online.

Here are some of the shops I've used
(and the products I've ordered):

- eBay (rhinestones, beads, brushes, nail art polishes...)
- Cesarsshop (Konad, cuticle oil, storage items...)
- Amazon (Fauxnad-plates)
- Nail Delights (storage and display items)
- Dollar Nail Art (foils, rhinestones, decorative shapes...)
- Mimax (brushes, glitter powders)

What is Konad and how do you use it?

Konad is a revolutionary stamping nail art system!

I describe the system in this post.
(It's only in Finnish, sorry, but there are pics, too!)
Here is a Youtube-video about Konad.

Can you use regular nail polish with Konad?

Yes, if the polish is thick and opaque enough.
Just try it and you will find out.

My Konad does not work. Why?

- You have to be quick, otherwise the design will dry up on the plate or on the stamper.

- If you're having problems transferring the image from the stamper onto your nail, the stamper may be faulty. Try not to use acetone on the stamper's rubbery surface, especially nail polish removers that contain oil. You can also peel the stamper's surface using a nail file.

What is one stroke technique?

One  stroke is a technique used in acrylic painting. A flat brush is loaded with two different colours and a gradient effect is achieved. This technique is widely used in nail art.

I haven't made my own tutorial about this, since I can't make videos, but YouTube is full of one stroke tutorials and other videos. Try searching with "one stroke tutorial" or "one stroke painting".

How do you make gradients?

Here is the tutorial.

How do you process your images?

My camera is a Canon EOS 400D.
The image editing software I use is Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Why don't you have any video tutorials?

I haven't got a video camera.